How to make darkness shine

Contemporary painter in Troyes, France, I create female portraits and abstracts paintings, in which I try to create power and harmony by the opposition of the light that springs from the darkness.

My story

Immersed in art since childhood thanks to a mother who is herself a painter, I attended the Troyes Fine Arts School during my schooling, while specializing in plastic arts. For years, I try various techniques but since 2015 it is the acrylic painting on canvas which will remain my privileged process of creation. In 2017, I decided to take my creations out of the shadows and dare to exhibit them locally.

Following a burnout in 2021, I take the decision to blossom fully in my art. Since this incident, my art has been transformed: it lets the light shine through, which always wins over the darkness. Today, I share my art and my techniques on my Youtube channel and my social networks, as well as at exhibitions and art fairs in France.

photo artiste flamboyante Nonoss

Inspirations and vision

Inspired by very different artists such as Andy Warhol, Pierre Soulages and even some of my contemporaries, I am fascinated by the beauty and power created by opposites and contradictions, by the light that emanates from darkness, by the strength of cracks.

In my creations, I deliberately limit myself to a palette of blue tones, noting that shadows in nature often have bluish hues. Blue is a perfect example of the mix between light and darkness. I contrast these tones with the use of gold, a symbol of sunlight and power.

It’s through the contrasts between black and white, between darkness and clarity, between blue and gold that I explore the way in which light and shadow complement each other.

But I’m also a committed contemporary painter and feminist. With my collection of portraits of women, I explore femininity and the way we look at women: strong but contrasted, with the power of their resilience rising above their flaws and shadows. My portraits are always very sharp, between black and white, darkness and golden light.

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Why Nonoss ?

I’ve often heard: “Nonoss? That’s a funny name!” And I can see from here an amused sneer on your lips… It is a diminutive, a nickname used by my family and close friends, and it has become my middle name, the one that life has chosen for me.

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