A contrasted and blazing art style

Contemporary painter in Troyes, France, I create female pop art portraits and abstracts paintings, in which I try to create power and harmony by the opposition of the light that springs from the darkness.

My story

Immersed in art since childhood thanks to a mother who is herself a painter, I attended the Troyes Fine Arts School during my schooling, while specializing in plastic arts. For years, I try various techniques but since 2015 it is the acrylic painting on canvas which will remain my privileged process of creation. In 2017, I decided to take my creations out of the shadows and dare to exhibit them locally by becoming a member of an art craft association.

Following a burnout in 2021, I take the decision to blossom fully in my art, becomes a member of “la maison des artistes“. Since this incident, my art has been transformed: it lets the light shine through, which always wins over the darkness. Today, I like to share my art and my techniques on my Youtube channel and my social networks.

photo artiste flamboyante Nonoss

Inspirations and vision

Inspired by very different artists such as Tim Burton, Andy Warhol or Niki de Saint Phalle, I am fascinated by the beauty created by opposites. The detail of the drawing in contradiction with the chaos of random spots; the light that always escapes from the darkness. It is through the contrasts between black and color, between darkness and clarity, between blue and gold that I seek harmony through opposites.

But I am also a committed feminist contemporary painter. With my collection of feminine pop art portraits, I highlinght women: strong but contrasted, whose powerful aura springs up beyond her shadowy or vulnerable parts. My portraits are always very sharp, between black and white, between darkness and golden light. Passionate about cinema and literature, I like to use popular characters to highlight the woman and show all her strength.

Discover all her artworks in the gallery.

Why Nonoss ?

I’ve often heard: “Nonoss? That’s a funny name!” And I can see from here an amused sneer on your lips… It is a diminutive, a nickname used by my family and close friends, and it has become my middle name, the one that life has chosen for me.

You want to know more about my technique ?

See all my process in studio, on video on my Youtube channel : Nonoss | artiste peintre !

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