Contemporary artist

The blazing and contrasted art : when light springs from darkness

"Let your light out"

Women Portraits with cracks of light


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Nonoss tableau portrait peinture pop art bleu doré

Pop art portraits

tableau abstrait moderne touches dorées sur fond bleu et noir

Blazing abstracts

contemporary modern blue and gold women  portrait paintings

Women portraits

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Who am I ?

I know, Nonoss is a strange name… but it is at least funny. I have always drawn and painted with acrylics since 2015. I like to mix black with flamboyant gold to bring out the beauty of opposition between light and darkness, to show light always finds its way into the shadows.

In my expressionist female portraits, I attempt to enhance strength of Women by their cracks and flaws. Discover my background and approach.

” The artist brings light where once it was extinguished ”

– Vincent Thomas Rey

contemporary French artist Nonoss with female portrait