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Eleanor, woman portrait painting 81x65cm (original)

Original painting in acrylic on canvas 81x65cm. Contemporary figurative portrait of a woman on a dark background with gold leaf,

“Elaenor” is a tribute to Woman, a celebration of her light that transcends her darkness. She aims to remind us that true beauty lies in complexity, that vulnerability is synonymous with strength, and that every woman carries within her an inner radiance just waiting to shine.


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"Eleanor" is a feminist contemporary artwork that explores true beauty as residing in the ability to embrace all facets of oneself, the duality of darkness and light within. This painting pays homage to all women, who embody the grace, resilience and power of femininity today.

As a contemporary feminist painter, I seek to explore the complexity of emotions, deconstruct stereotypes and celebrate the inner strength of women. For me, this is a celebration of emotions, a hymn to women's inner strength and a call to constantly explore our own light, even in the midst of darkness.

  • Acrylic painting on canvas frame 81x65cm, varnished
  • Original and unique work, signed and counter-signed at the back
  • 2 cm thick painted slice
  • Back fixing system - how to hang a painting
  • Certificate of authenticity provided
  • Free delivery in France (no decorative framing, and customs taxes not included)
  • Shipping within 2 to 4 days from France

Depending on the light and the shooting, the colours may be slightly different in real life. @Nonoss2023

Check out the video of my creation process on my Youtube Channel !

This canvas is made of cotton, stretched on a frame. It is painted with acrylic and varnished for optimal durability and high quality. The certificate of authenticity with photo is provided.

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Poids 3 kg
Dimensions 90 × 70 × 10 cm