Custom abstract fracture painting (commission)

Custom fracture abstract painting, painting to compose according to your desires, colours and size. 100% customised for you, 100% unique, 100% handmade. A resolutely contemporary and original decorative painting! The format and style are to be chosen in the basket, and the colours (background, dots and drips) are to be specified by message during the validation of the order.

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The advantages

œuvre originale et signée - tableaux originaux modernes

Original signed artwork

with certificate of authenticity provided

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Custom abstract fracture painting to compose according to your desires, colours and format. 100% customised for you, 100% unique, 100% handmade. A resolutely modern and original decorative canvas!

The format and style are to be chosen in the basket, and the colours (background, dots and drips) are to be specified by message when placing the order. The production time is 2 to 4 weeks, and 1 to 3 days for delivery.

  • Acrylic painting on canvas frame
  • Original and unique work to compose according to your desires
  • Painted slice of 1 to 4cm thickness
  • Back fixing system (ribbon) how to hang a painting
  • Certificate of authenticity provided
  • Free delivery in France (Framing and customs taxes not included)
  • Shipping within 1 to 3 days from France


Customization :

Custom abstract painting style :

  • 1. Random crack

Colours must be specified when ordering (in the shopping cart):

  • background colour(s)
  • colour of the crack (possibility of silver, gold or bronze metallic effects)


  • Square, landscape or portrait (vertical or horizontal)
  • from 50x50 to 130x89cm

Can't find what you're looking for in the above suggestions? Contact Nonoss.

Depending on the light and the shooting, the colours may be slightly different in real life. @Nonoss2021


More information about the custom abstract paintings: 

The advantages of a custom canvas

You would like to invest in an original decorative painting but the colours do not match your interior decoration? Nonoss offers you to paint a unique painting with his style and sensitivity. Your own. Choose your STYLE, your COLOURS and your FORMAT for a handmade painting signed by the artist, with certificate of authenticity!

  • A unique handmade canvas: A custom-made, hand-painted and signed painting.
  • A harmony with your interior decoration: a painting with the size and the colour which will agree with your interior.
  • An affordable price: less expensive than the market price of art often reserved for the rich.
  • A gift to give or to keep for yourself, with a unique touch.

All the canvases are made of cotton, stretched on a frame, in rectangle or square format, from 50x50cm to 130x97cm. They are painted with acrylic and varnished for optimal durability and high quality. The certificate of authenticity with photo is provided.

Please note that Nonoss will only make customisable models available in the shop. She will not do landscapes or portraits on photos, as the technique is very different.

How does it work?

  1. Browse the shop and choose your type of painting (snake or custom abstract painting)
  2. Select the style, orientation (portrait, square, landscape) and format (small, medium, large, elongated...), then add to the basket.
  3. Validate the order by leaving me your choice of colours in the "additional information" box in the basket page, or send me a message.
  4. Two to three weeks later, you will receive a photo of your painting. You can ask for modifications.
  5. Once modified, the painting is shipped with a carrier and is delivered within 3 to 5 days.

Where did the idea of customisable paintings come from?

Nonoss had several requests for a painting that had already been made, but in a different format or colour to match the decoration of her customers. She then had the idea of offering this service directly online. Of course, she is not the only artist to offer this service, but unlike others, the purchase is very easy thanks to the shop.

Tips and tricks

How to choose the size and colours of your custom abstract painting?

The format

The size depends on the space available on the wall. A large canvas only works if it breathes and is enhanced by the space around it. A smaller, less expensive canvas can also look great above a chest of drawers or a sofa. You should also choose the orientation (square / portrait / landscape) according to the space available on the wall: if only the top half of the wall is empty, a landscape format is preferable, whereas if you are lucky enough to have an entire empty wall or a very high ceiling, you can afford a vertical (portrait) or even elongated format.

The colours

The colours should match those of the decoration. Do not choose similar colours (e.g. red and pink), nor more than 3 different colours, at the risk of seeing your canvas looking like a Christmas decoration. You can choose to recall the colour of a wall or an armchair, or on the contrary to contrast with an opposite colour. But choosing exactly the same colour as your entire room or wallpaper is not recommended, as the painting may literally blend into the decor... So think about selecting a colour that will contrast with the wall where it will be installed.

The style

Remember to choose the type of picture according to the style of your interior decoration. While it's easy to integrate an abstract into a modern decor or to highlight it in an old-fashioned living room, a colourful pop art illustration will probably not be of the best effect in a chic country house!

Even with this advice, are you unsure about the size and colours of your painting or can't find the right model for you? Contact the artist and ask to send a photo of your room, Nonoss will send you her suggestions!

Additional information

Weight N/A
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carré / square, portrait (vertical), paysage / landscape (horizontal)


50x50cm, 60x60cm, 80x80cm, 100x100cm, 80x40cm, 40x120cm, 50x100cm, 81x65cm (25F), 92x73cm (30F), 100x81cm (40F), 116x89cm (50F), 130x97cm (60F)


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