Commission paintings

You would like to invest in an original decorative painting but the colours don’t match your interior design ? Nonoss offers you to paint with her own style and sensitivity a unique original customised painting. Yours.

Choose your STYLE, your COLOURS and your FORMAT

for a handcrafted painting signed by the artist, with a certificate of authenticity !

A unique handcrafted painting

A customized painting that suits you at 100%, hand-painted and signed by the artist.

Conseils déco / decoration advice by Nonoss

in harmony with your interior

A painting that matches you decoration, at the size and colours of your wall and furniture.

at an affordable price

compared to the art market, often expensive and reserved for an elite group.

All canvases are made of cotton, stretched on a frame, rectangular or square, from 50x50cm to 130x97cm, painted with acrylic and varnished for an optimal longevity and a high quality. The certificate of authenticity with photo is provided.

Please note that Nonoss only makes the customisable models available in the shop. She will not do landscape or portrait photography, as the technique is very different.


Depending on your home decoration and walls, choose your style, orientation, format and colors of your custom decorative painting.

Example below of different options with style 1 abstract, available in the shop.

office decor with blue original abstract painting by Nonoss

Original painting : orientation landscape / format 120x80cm / colours : blue & gold

Customised painting : orientation landscape / format 120x40cm / colour : brown 

office decor with blue original abstract painting by Nonoss

Customized painting : square / format 80x80cm / colours : orange & silver

Customised painting : orientation portrait / format 100x73cm / colours : green 

How does it work ?


Browse the shop

choose the original customised painting type (abstract or snakes) et select your style.


Select the format

rectangle, square, landscape, portrait, small, middle-sized, large... the sizes are going from 50x50 to 130x97cm


add to your cart

Check your order out with a message with the wanted colors (3 maximum) and any particular note


receive a picture

then, 2 to 4 weeks later, Nonoss sends you a picture of the paiting. You can then ask for amendments.


the paiting is shipped

once validated, the canvas is shipped in a safe cardboard box within 1 to 3 open days


admire the painting

Once received, install the canvas on your wall and enjoy !

The story about original customised painting

« Two friends liked one of my paintings, but they were not convinced by the colour. “Too bad, it will never fit in my house”, they kept telling me. So I offered to make the same style of painting in a different size and colour, which would fit perfectly in their room. When the canvases were installed, I had two happy customers. I then had the idea of offering this service on my website, to make even more people happy. »


Find all the customizable paintings in the shop

Abstracts or mandala snakes : two styles, two atmospheres !

go shopping

Tips and tricks to choose your original customised painting

For a perfect decoration, you can also read this article to arrange wall art, for instance.

However, even with this advice, you are still unsure about the size and colours of your painting or you can’t find the right model for you? Contact the artist and send a photo of your interior, Nonoss will send you his best proposals!

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Are you an interior designer?

Nonoss partners with interior design professionals by offering them her unique and customised paintings at reduced prices.

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